Japan Bucket List: Aomori Aquarium

When I tell someone I live in Japan, their mind jumps to Tokyo. They think of crazy fashion, creative cafes and restaurants and city-life. But, we don’t live there. We live in a tiny city on the very Northern part of the island. We live in Misawa. It’s so small that when you meet locals in the airport in Tokyo- they have no idea where Misawa is. Kind of like how everyone in Western Washington lives in Seattle. Continue reading Japan Bucket List: Aomori Aquarium

5 Month Update

Month 5- Is this real? It feels as though I have known Ariel for my entire life, but I cannot believe how fast time is going and how big my baby girl is already. This month Blog Post 5 Month Update 1was slow in comparison to last, but full of memories and milestones nonetheless. I am grateful to report we had no health scares! Ariel was healthy and strong this month. What a relief! Continue reading 5 Month Update

My Vegetarian Pregnancy: Top Protein Sources

I want to preface this post by saying that I am in no way saying that vegetarianism is best. I do not believe that I am any healthier than someone who eats meat or ate meat in their pregnancy. This is just my story of my vegetarian-pregnancy and what I did to be sure both my baby girl and I were healthy.

Continue reading My Vegetarian Pregnancy: Top Protein Sources

Reality is Better Than the Expectations

I have searched for them, read them, and even written them. Lists that promise preparation and peace of mind over, “What to expect during delivery,” or, “Navigating first week with new baby.” The truth? Nothing prepared me for the birth and now life of my baby Ariel. Continue reading Reality is Better Than the Expectations

Redefining Mombod

We have all heard it time and time again. The term, Mombod, is engraved in our heads hours after we give birth to a human being. Though this should be a time of celebration and overwhelming joy and pride over what our bodies accomplished, it can tend to be a time of discomfort.

This feeling only grows weeks and months after having your bundle of joy as you look at yourself in the mirror, or look at a candid photo of yourself bending over.

Mombod Blog Pic 1Our bodies have changed because they have produced life, but we are held to society’s, and our own, expectations to be at least what we were before, if not better.
The term Mombod has been given a negative tone. But, why not challenge and change that to be something of pride? My Mombod is something that carried and birthed a baby girl who changed my entire world. My Mombod fuels itself as well as another human.

Mombod blog pic 3My Mombod can take 4 hours of interrupted sleep and use it to power a productive day of being a wife and a mother. My Mombod is strong, inside and out. Why not embrace the Mombod, even if or when you achieve your fitness or health goals? Stretch marks, loose skin, callused nipples, bags under eyes and endless amounts of sweat come together to create the new woman I will forever be.
No matter where you are at in your health, fitness and aesthetic goals, challenge yourself to take the negative tone out of the term Mombod. Yes, I have a Mombod, and I will love it for where it is today, as well as where it will be a year from now. Mombod for life.

“My Body Isn’t Magazine Perfect, But When I look in the Mirror I See a Mom… And There is No Greater Honor, Love or Blessing”. -Uknown

My Postpartum Adventure

From the moment I became pregnant my mind was on the day I would give birth. Countless pins to my, “Giving Birth,” Pinterest board and hours of reading birth-horror stories filled my day. I even re-watched that dreaded video of a woman giving birth we all remember from grade school. As my pregnancy progressed, so did the number of pins. Keep on Reading!

Ariel’s Birth Story

February 19, 2018, as cheesy as it is, was the day my life changed.  Ariel came into our lives at 3:51pm on a Monday afternoon. She was tiny and perfect and came with 6 pounds 3.4 ounces of emotions and love I had no idea I was capable of. To say it was the best day of my life is complicated. Yes, my baby girl coming into the world was both my husband and I’s earth shattering happy moment. But that day was not full of happiness and joy. Let me rewind and explain. Keep on Reading!